Drive Sales & Brand Loyalty - Engage Your Resellers!

Immerse your resellers in the full learning experience. Not only is our platform designed to teach your resellers what they need to know to represent your products and/or services. We connect them to see the full picture, where they are emotionally rewarded, empowered and inspired to represent your products & visions in their work position. You will be equipped with the tools to promote, encourage, motivate as well with the means to validate that their knowledge stick and are up to date.

We make learning social through a variety of approaches, such as direct communication and interaction between you and your resellers. We tailor and combine friendly competition between coworkers with group competition where coworkers work as a team. We bridge your goals with the goals and social context of your resellers. This way we make sure your business see results while the resellers enjoy themselves, learn from each other, and develop on a personal level.

Solid Foundation in Gamification & Motivational Design

With a solid foundation in Gamification & Motivational Design we have the tools to bridge psychology and user experience, to carefully craft a win-win experience for our customers and and their target users alike. We take pride in having 16 years of experience in gamification, helping create the most robust and reliable platform. Our clients include of the largest food packaging and processing companies in the world, as well as a South Korean multinational conglomerate. We also take pride in always supporting, researching and staying up-to-date on the new findings in UX psychology through our dialogue and work with some of the most acknowledged gamification pioneers.

Shift Happens

We now live in a brand economy. When we decide to buy something it’s often because our relationship to the brand. There are a lot of examples of brands mastering customer-brand relationships, such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google & Tesla. Most of their customers stay committed to their products because they like their brand. Social media and games also rely heavily on their brand identity. Facebook, Nintendo, Youtube, Steam and the awesome Swedish invention Spotify are all good at maintaining their brand image. Whenever we use their service, our relationship towards the brand and service develop. In time, we don’t feel complete if we can’t access them - It’s like it’s an extension of self.

Of course, this is what you want your customers to feel about your brand. You want them to experience the growing relationship between them and your product as equally addictive as empowering to them as people. But to get potential users to commit to your product in the first place, the Sale Representatives role must be considered. In the same way as the customer is more likely to buy your brand if they have a relationship to it, your resellers will be more inclined to promote and sell your product if you have built this kind of symbiotic relationship with them. There is a lot of competition when it comes to the attention of your resellers. Other brands, personal things, and things in their workspace makes it a challenge to get their attention!

We are here to take care of it. We provide a complete solution to get you started with content and any necessary support. This includes complete campaign sites, including password protection, off-site hosting and award winning set-up and gamification technologies. Our goal is salespeople so devoted to your products and services that they go into every day with enthusiasm representing your product. Through helping them being more knowledgeable, more motivated, and more engaged they'll symbiotically sell more, benefitting you.

Gamification & Motivational Design

Gamification refers to the utilization of motivation tools developed with the millennia-long culture of playing games. It can be used in a myriad of contexts, such as to improve functionality, sales, engagement in business and in private life. We call it Motivational Design.

The most powerful way to create deep engagement is by having an environment or experience where the user experience is central. Through applying Motivational Design, the user is empowered to develop while they interact with a product. In contrary to the old way of solely using digital tools as means to optimize processes and handling data, this creates a truly engaging user experience. We have advanced from the traditional IT system, perceived as something complicated and complex that only benefits the company. Our focus is the new generation of IT systems, where it is a valuable tool for the user's personal growth and development.

Not only is the user’s needs determined by personality and preferences. Their experience with a brand, their pacing in interacting with a product and whether they are long-term or short-term users are just a few factors that can turn a motivator into a de-motivator. We have the necessary tools & skillset and work closely with the most successful cutting edge gamification professionals to bring it all together and connect user motivation with your business results.

Our Locations

With a global mindset and presences we have offices in UK in London, in Sweden in Stockholm and Malmoe, in USA in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto and in Spain in Barcelona.